Muay Thai

Learn authentic and world renowned Muay Thai in a fun, safe, and ego-free atmosphere! Learn techniques such as; kicks, knees, elbows, punches, and clinch work. Our Muay Thai curriculum is developed from Champion Trainer and former Professional Title Contender Michael Chase Corley.

Beginner Muay Thai

Beginners Muay Thai is a great introduction to the art of Muay Thai! You will learn the offensive and defensive fundamentals of Muay Thai. Learn techniques such as; kicks, knees, elbows, punches, and clinch work.

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Martial Arts classes feature all the elements of striking in a fun atmosphere: Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kickboxing. The benefits of these classes include self defense, respect, confidence building, and goal setting. Our Kids program is home to Junior USA Muay Thai Athletes Zack Irwin, Bekah Irwin, and Valerie Sanchez!

Fitness Kickboxing

Our Fitness Kickboxing class is an intense 30 minute class! You will burn away the calories hitting bags and pads with real combos! It is a fitness oriented class with real Thai kickboxing technique taught by former and current fighters.

Yves Edwards MMA

Our MMA Class is led by former #1 Lightweight and 21x UFC Veteran Yves Edwards.

Edwards describes his style as the combination of every range of fighting and is the ultimate combat sport. Boxing, Thaiboxing, Wrestling and BJJ all play an equally important role in my MMA Style; yet none of these arts is enough to be successful alone. A solid combination of two, three or more of these and other arts help in the make-up of the complete fighter.

Come train with a legend of MMA!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals